Entry: ::BIG Plans:: Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Big big plans..

And it is already in motion.

I am nervous, as I should be.

Scared too, of course.

Determined, as I should be.

Hesitation? No, none at all.

I've waited for this moment to come for quite some time, and it is finally here.


I know I shouldn't rush into things, but it has been too long. And long is not good. Especially when lotsa sick and twisted things can happen, intentionally, or accidentally. So it should be better to keep the "long" part shorter.

I sincerely hope everything will be fine, and God please ya Allah, please help me get through this. Let me do this one thing properly.

oh di manakah mahu mencari pokok duit...


cheap jordans
April 20, 2012   03:47 PM PDT
Verry useull info, thanks.
February 2, 2009   07:06 PM PST
anda sudah kene tag!!
n jgn lupe anta details kat saye.
kalau tak call sdiri!
December 11, 2008   07:32 PM PST
plan apekah? ^ ^

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