Entry: ::On Life..Love..and Work:: Thursday, October 09, 2008

Hello!! To myself..(sbb apparently this blog is dead)

Sorry darling! Have been neglecting you too much!

.::On Work and Life::.

Have been working for a little bit over 6 months. Yeap it has been that long! Duit pun of course la dah bertampuk-tampuk simpan. Thanks to living with my parents! And I haven't bought anything (percayakah saya tidak bershopping langsung semenjak balik dari Japan?!!) Last time I shopped was in London, and that was not my money...so..I managed to save a lot of money! Selamat la duitku... Working life is fine. I like the fact that I can now wake up every morning, bukan tengah hari lagi macam dulu. My life is very scheduled now. Everyday is predictable. As for now, I'm not bored yet with this life. Ye la baru 6 bulan. But in the future...I have no idea how long I can stand living this life.

.::On Goals::.

Tunggu rumah siap! Not my house. But my parents house in .P.U.T.R.A.J.A.Y.A. Why am I waiting for the house? Oh that is an unmentionable cause. =P I actually have this goal to fulfill before I hit my 25 years old mark end of next year. It seems so far still, but with a lot of things going on inside my head, and around me, 29th December 2009 just might not be that faraway anymore. Oh rumah, siaplah cepat! Then I can start to really seriously think about what's ahead.

Current wishlist

* Baiki laptop ku yang sudah crash and burn! (or buy a new one..erk duit!)
* Nak tengok semua TV shows yang sudah miss dengan banyak sekali!(erk..time!)
* Semoga Twilight dapat tayang kat Malaysia..I want to see my EdwardBellaJacob on screen!


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