Entry: ::Muda Muda Muda:: Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Not talking about some guy named "Muda"...

What I'm trying to say is...I AM OLD!

Well..at least I FEEL old..

I work in a factory..the place where I'm working now have so many guys yang kacak2, sesuai la nak cuci mata siang2. Hahaha. Just sebagai pembakar semangat nak pergi kerja la kan. Anyway.....I have found 3 guys worth looking at, but all of them are younger than me. Wah saya mahu jadi p*a*e*d*o*p*h*i*l*e kah? No, not really..never gonna be one either. The guys are just younger by 1 or 2 years je la.

The thing is.....damn..semua lelaki kacak dah menjadi semakin muda. Meaning = I am getting old.

Gone were the days when the hot dude were the older guys from Form 5, or the 22 year old singer. Now its the hot dude who could comfortably address me as "kak" when he talks to me. Aish....damn damn damn.

Kacak2 sekalian, sila age faster so that you guys will always be older than me, so that I can still hold a crush on you people without feeling like having a crush on my little brother!

P/S : no other intentions beside a crush.. I already found my Mr Right..so you guys just have to be around as my eye candy.


September 3, 2008   08:41 PM PDT
canaz.. lenkali, sile la letak gamba2 mereka ya, supaya senang saya nk cuci mata saya skali.. hehehe :p
May 18, 2008   05:25 PM PDT
sudah balik malaya ka?

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