Entry: ::A Happy Tale:: Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Supposedly a happy tale.

I am graduating in a few weeks. End of this month actually.

And I am doing this alone, by myself. No family. No proud daddy and mommy coming to see me graduate.

This would call for my almost the ultimate depression time of my life. I feel like running away from home, except I don't live at home anymore. Salah ke jadi anak manja?

I don't, and I won't tell my parents about how upset I am about noone coming to see me graduate. After all, my dad is going to be very busy working this month, and my other siblings would be busy with school, meaning my mom will be at her busiest.

Fine fine..I'll do this all by myself. I'll just be proud of myself, and take a proud picture of myself. I've been very independent for 4 years, one more day won't make any difference.

Very very upset...and this cold is not helping at all. I keep losing my voice over and over again. This stupid coughing!!

I don't feel like going home just yet, not ready to leave Japan yet, but it's time. I have to leave all this behind and open a new chapter, or maybe a new book for my life ahead.

~So many things to do, and so many people to spend time with, yet so little time.~


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